Unitized facade system is an aluminum and glass facade system that is manufactured, processed and finished into modular panels (also known as panels) right from the factory, then transported to the construction site for erection and finishing. overall. Unitized aluminum and glass facade systems are best used for buildings with uniform exterior surfaces and floors of the same height.

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Image of Unitized aluminum and glass facades


– The surface of the façade of the Unitized system is uniform, so it ensures the criteria of art.
– Easy construction, fast construction time to meet the requirements of projects that require urgent progress.
- Strictly control product quality at the factory.
– The system is solid, the ability to grip is especially good, adapts to the moving impacts of the building.
– Closed structure, ensuring sound insulation, heat insulation and waterproofing for the project.
- Works even in unfavorable weather.
- Work safety is more guaranteed.


– The cost is higher than the Stick system glass facade.
– The transportation of panels to the construction site is more complicated.
Unitized facade construction
– The basic structure of the Unitized facade system includes: aluminum, glass, gasket system (or silicone sealant) and bolts and screws.

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Unitized facade construction

About the aluminum system: Usually this will be very clearly specified in the design documents. The SUNSPACE factory will comply with the approved design requirements with very high accuracy.

About glasses: The glass used for the Unitized facade system is mostly box glass, in addition, single glass or laminated safety glass can still be used. In case of using box glass, it is usually a combination of an outer reflective safety glass and an inner tempered white glass panel.


The Unitized façade is essentially a homogeneous plane, so it has only one texture, which is a hidden puzzle system.

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Detailed section of typical Unitized facade system

Application of Unitized facade system

- Used as glass wall outside buildings, office buildings, commercial centers, hotels, ....
– Unitized facade system is a high-tech product in construction, which can be used for buildings with special requirements such as noise protection, sound insulation or absolute insulation.

Construction works using Stick system:

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Bitexco Financial Tower - Ho Chi Minh also uses Unitized aluminum and glass facade system


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