Shower cabin system


Shower cabin system use glass wall system Transparent & premium enhances the luxury look in the bathroom. Glass balustrade system Inside and outside the house, suitable for Stairs, Balconies…

1. What is a glass shower cabin?

Glass shower cabin is a form of installing glass partitions, glass frames or bathrooms using surrounding glass. This type of bathroom installation has been favored by high-class hotels, modern apartments or even small rooms. shower cabin system

Glass bathroom cabin

The living space will be created seamless between the bathroom and other architectural spaces, the dry and wet areas in the room are clearly separated. Plus, use shower glass cabin Also helps retain heat well, bathing in the winter will become much more convenient.

2. Install glass shower cabin – what should be noted?

If you choose to install the shower cabin against the wall and glass partition:

Selecting partitions made of Meka: this is a solution for the installation of cheap glass shower enclosures. However, this type of glass has the disadvantage of being thin, fragile and has a short usage time.

Selecting tempered glass shower enclosures: Tempered glass shower enclosures are glass shower enclosures that are tempered at high temperatures and cooled suddenly, so the hardness of the glass is very high. When there is a great force acting on the glass, when broken, the glass does not break into sharp pieces that are completely safe for users when broken, forming slippery particles. This type of glass is durable and beautiful almost forever with time.

Types glass shower wall Usually made of safety glass, so when broken, it will not form sharp pieces but stick in one place thanks to a plastic sheet, so it will limit injury to the user. This glass shower enclosure also blocks the ultraviolet rays of sunlight, so it is perfectly suitable for outdoor open-air baths. shower cabin system
Beautiful bathroom glass wall model

3. Installation of glass shower enclosures and notes on accessories of the shower cabin system

First, you can choose the shower cabin has a pre-structured frame, suitable for the installation area. However, you can completely choose the special cabin structure and suit the architectural space of your home.

The requirements for accompanying equipment, some hanging accessories or the use of different types of glass such as art glass, frosted glass to ensure the shielding factor, etc., you can suggest to the service provider. .

Types of accessories that come with the cglass shower enclosure such as glass clamps, glass shower door handles, joints, and brackets are accessories that can be rusty, faulty or uneven, so right from the time of installation, homeowners should pay attention to these accessories. Standard fittings are usually made of chrome plated copper and stainless steel. When installing standard equipment, you will find that opening and closing the bathroom door will not make any noise and will not rust the device during use. shower cabin system

When servicing the glass, you can also use strong cleaning agents such as Vim or other chemicals. However, these substances should be avoided in contact with the accessories as they may rust.

4. Some cabin samples:

4.1 GLASS BATHROOM 90 DEGREE: shower cabin system shower cabin system



BATHROOM Sliding Door





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